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..no matter what the distance

REAL friends on LJ
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Are you tired of people adding you just to make their friends lists bigger?
Tired of getting cut in friends cuts all the time?
Looking to find someone you can really connect with?
Come check us out.. we're all about true friendships.
Post problems, idea's, thoughts and get feedback and advice from people looking to mantain friendships. Get people on your friends lists who aren't just there to make themselves look more popular!

There really aren't many, but I think a few are important. ;)

1) There is no application or form to fill out, but we do ask that you post an introduction post when you join, so that we know who you are! You can either use this:

Or, feel free to post your own post with whatever information you want!
2) Absolutely NO hateful or rude comments. No discriminating, no insults, none of that. It wil not be tolerated, and you will be banned.
3) If you must promote, you must be an active member, and you can only promote communities that are relevent to the purpose of this community. Promo's must be under a cut, and you must promote us in their community as well.
4) Once you've posted your intro post, feel free to post anything in here. This isn't an "add me" community only.. we're here for you if you need to vent, want advice, anything.
5) Please, if you have a conflict with another member, take all problems to halfway_home.

Please make all your posts INCLUDING your intro post FRIENDS ONLY.
As of right now, this is an open membership community. If I see need to change that, I will.

That's about it.. have fun, and enjoy making new friends!

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Credit to zombiequeen for the banner. ♥
Credit to im_like_heroin for our icon. ♥
Sister Communities: _deeply_in_love, __thislove_, ljs_girlfriends
If anyone else wants to be a sister community, please let halfway_home know!