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Hello all!
I am a 16-year-old manly man from the sunny state of California in the USA.  I like to read, I'm really hyperactive, and I'm picky about my friends list.

I am very confident. I have a touch of arrogance (goes with my age). I do not have a center in my mind that registers what other people think of me socially. When I am in class, when I am public at all, I feel uninhibited. I sit in class and my mind drifts off, into another world, and no matter how hard I try to get back on my spaceship and come back to the present reality, I just CAN NOT. It's like even when I am in public, I am uninhibited and alone in my actions, my mannerisms, and my thoughts. I might sit in class and talk to myself, and if people look at me funny, that is their problem. It takes a lot to make me self-conscious.

The train of my thought is often derailed, but sometimes it crashes or explodes. Then for the next few hours I sit there, trying to focus, unable to channel the tunnel vision of my ADD personality. My mind drifts into an oasis of comtemplation and thought, and unlike a train that has set tracks, my thought becomes a car, twisting and turning and making u-turns, stopping at red lights, letting off passengers at unset intervals. The speed changes, the direction changes, but my car likes to take familiar streets, the scenic route of my own personal interests, like the road where the psychological offices are.

Did I mention I am ADHD?

What my journal will be like
I will NOT give you a summary of my day and expect you to show concern.
I will NOT be an attention whore and expect daily lovin'.
I will try to write about things other than myself. Philosophical debates? I'm trying.....
I will NOT expect you to be interested in every post or respond to every post.

I would like these qualities in a friend:
Someone who knows how to write. 2-word responses do not work. That's instant messaging. This is journaling.
Someone with a kooky sense of humor.
Someone who doesnt use ellipses every other sentence. I will hate your writing style forever, and this may impair my ability to like you too.
Someone who doesn't mind emailing outside of LJ.

If you want to get to know me better, send me an email at
:-)  HUGS!

Introduction time!

Name: Just call me Batman
Location: Sweden
Status: In a relationship
Interests and Hobbies: Drawing, acting, art in any way, writing, MUSIC, diy, reading, fashion, make up, video games, baking, traveling, comics (both manga and "regular", MOVIES (I'm a huge fan of horror flicks, but I'll watch anything you can cram into a VCR/DVD player)) and almost all things occult and mythological
What you hope to find in a friend/friends in trueljfriends: Someone with common interests and whom I can connect with. I'd say age doesn't matter, nor does sex. A plus would be if you'd like to talk via MSN as well, but that's not really a requirement. But hey, If you're interested and open and all things nice, then why haven't you contacted me already?
Anything else? Not really, unless there's something you want to ask?
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Name: Seanna
Location: nor cal
Status: Single, unfortunately:P
Interests and Hobbies: They're all listed here.
What you hope to find in a friend/friends in trueljfriends easy going people who have a lot of the same interests as me, more journals that i can comment on/more people who will comment on mine.
Anything else? not really, its all in my userinfo;D
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what it do baby boo

Location:NC, USA
Status:In a realtionship
Interests and Hobbiesphotograhy, ranting, competeing my list(just ask) having fun working
What you hope to find in a friend/friends in <lj comm="trueljfriends">Someone to comment on my posts because they are interested, someone to get to know and talk to and laugh with.
Anything else? Just ask me anything, i am very open
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Name: Tabi
Location: Big Rapids MI
Status: Married
Interests and Hobbies: LJ!! MySpace my family and making friends!
What you hope to find in a friend/friends in trueljfriends Just real people who don't lie and aren't close minded!
Anything else? I can't wait to meet some cool people!


Hey my name is Terri, Im 24years old from CT. Im a stay at home mommy to my 4 year old son so I am always looking for new friends to talk to during the day. I have a myspace account and AIM & Yahoo. Well I guess thats it.


Debbie, 29, South Africa - looking for friends, who are older than 21 and with more or less the same interests as me. For info, look on my profile page. Thanksxx
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Name: Julie

Age: 23.. til tomorrow.. heh

Location: Southern California, near LAX

Status: Taken. I've been with my boyfriend, Ben for about 7 years now <3

Interests and Hobbies: Sewing, designing clothes, reconstructing T-shirts, making jewelry, crocheting, photography, retouching photos, web design, graphic design, music, snowboarding, shopping, MAC make-up, Loop NYC, collecting 80's toys, animals, my frogs, my hamster, gnomes, squirrels..

What you hope to find in a friend/friends in trueljfriends I'd love to meet anyone that I really have something in common with! Feel free to add me and I'll add you back :)

Anything else?

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