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Previous Entry  Add to memories!  Tell a Friend!  Track This  Next Entry My name is Gazel, I am a 17 year old Chinese-Filipino who lives in the prairie city of Winnipeg, which is located in the heart of Canada. However, I was born in Manila, Philippines; and immigrated to Canada when I was 5.
I am happily taken by my boyfriend, Gabriel, who lives in Quebec, Canada. We are presently in a long distance relationship.

I loooove making new friends, I love to talk, I am totally a people person; once you get me out of my shy shell.
I love science. I am a total nerd for it. I love physics (love hate thing, but we've settled our differences!) chemistry and biology. I aspire to be a doctor, or maybe a research scientist, either way... I love school and I plan to be in it for a very long time. I love fashion, and I love to make myself look good, despite the fact I am a bit large. I'm also presently trying to lose weight for a healthier me! :)

I'm very weird when you get to know me... I can't explain it in this text. What else?

Random stuff:
  • I love Top Chef and Project Runway.
  • I love to cook and EAT. hehe, but the 2nd part is in total moderation.
  • Typical Asian kid who worries about grades because of parental pressure.
  • I love fashion, I love to shop till I drop! (Not really, but I do love shopping... :D)
  • I don't really like loud rock-type music. I like bands such as Kyo (a French band that is now called Empyr, but I think they are shit now... because they're so loud, lol.), Daphne Loves Derby, Death Cab for Cutie (only in moderation). I listen to mostly classical music, and my favourite composer is FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN. I like to listen to music with no lyrics, but a vast majority of my music is either in Mandarin Chinese (long live Jay Chou!) or in French. It's only seldom I'll listen to English.
  • As above, I speak English, understand Mandarin Chinese, speak French (pretty good, seeing as I took French all my life since immigrating to Canada, and on top of that, my boyfriend himself is Québécois) and Tagalog.
  • I do not like books such as Harry Potter, LOTR or Twilight. I am tolerant of the fans, but don't expect me to go gaga over those. I like to read books that are a bit more realistic.
  • I love to learn about new things ... philosophy, sciences and religious things too. Myself, I am a non-practicing Christian, but I still believe in a ''God''.
  • Very openminded. I'm pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, etc. You can talk to me about anything, and chances are I'll be totally objective about it. I'm not usually biased ... and I'm really trustworthy.
  • I love to give opinions and hear opinions.
  • I'm a listener.
  • I have gone through mental illness, and recovering from it.
  • More stuff? Just ask.

I actually read entries, and I don't expect everyone to comment on mine, but don't expect me to comment yours all the time. Man, this feels like a classified ad. Haha, but yeah. I need new friends on livejournal because I haven't used it in a good... 5 years? Lawl. I've been using Xanga quite a bit.

Comment here or on my friends only post. Merci!
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