JR (murderofonerose) wrote in trueljfriends,

Name: JR (I go by my initials because in French my name is a boy's name, if only because of the spelling, which most people never get right anyway. So, yes. Initials.)

Age: 19 (but my birthday is in a month)

Location: from California, living in New York

Status: Static. I don't know... Status of what? I'm not currenly in a relationship, technically, I think, but I'm definitely not available.

Interests and Hobbies: Reading, writing, painting (watercolor).

What you hope to find in a friend/friends in trueljfriends: People that I can talk to, who know me but don't know me personally -- if that makes sense. My life is a little confused right now and I need advice, a sounding board, responses to things that I post, actual conversations. Preferably up to and beyond that improbably point in the future when I get my feet back on the ground.

Anything else? I have a ten gallon tank with five very excitable guppies in my dorm room. (It's a coping mechanism.) I go to a school that has so few boys that I'm not even going to bother deciding whether I'm bi or a lesbian until after I graduate -- at which point I don't know where I will live or what I will do, yet. I'm sarcastic and self-depricating, quiet and obsessive, shy and spastic. My favorite tv show (dispite not having tv, yay internet) is House MD, and my favorite pairing is House/Wilson (or Wilson/House). I write in my journal to get some of the thoughts plaguing me out of my head. I will not rattle of lists detailing my day, because my parents made me do that at the dinner table for six years and it drove me nuts. I don't mind contact outside of lj, but I'm not giving my main email out to anyone I don't know at least a little and I don't check my other ones very often -- AIM is better, and my screen name is on my profile.

Anything else else? I wish I had ice cream. Any flavor.
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