Jennifer Amanda (fairerose) wrote in trueljfriends,
Jennifer Amanda

 I have been off of LJ for quite a while due to a recent move so now that I'm back I'm looking for some more friends.

I’m 24 years old.single.a sunshine state sweetie.entertainer by day, superhero by night.speaks both English and some German, French, Spanish, and Korean.I love to act, dance, sing, draw, and write poetry.I'm an animal lover.I own a black cat whom I love with all my heart.I’m a big kid at heart because I love to color, watch cartoons, eat lollys, and read Dr. Suess books.I wear crazy socks.white shoelaces are boring.I like to do crafts.musical theater is my life.I’m a bookworm.I love to read comics.The Fantastic Four are my favorite superheroes.vintage cartoons are my best friend although I do love a lot of cartoons on TV right now.I’m a nerd.I still watch The Power Rangers.I play video games (Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat are the best video games ever) and like anime (Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Pucca are my favorites).I'm an unofficial Cosplayer (haven't went to any cosplay events just yet).music makes the world go round.I love to play music as well as listen to it.theme parks are my second home.I’m addicted to Disney Movies and the Disney Channel.I’m a die-hard hockey, wwe, and baseball fan.I’m fascinated with history.magic impresses me.Criss Angel is my all time favorite magician.I wish Troy Bolton & Conner McKnight were real.I’m a fangirl of many fandoms.I’m probably one of the biggest fans of High School Musical that you will ever meet.I love I Love Lucy.I collect too much.I can be quite the comedian.I love the color pink.I look at the world through rose colored lenses. I have way too many celebrity crushes.I’m a graphics nerd.I like wearing makeup and cute clothes.superheroes are love.don’t ever judge me as if I’m a book (you know by my cover).I’m a Muppets fan is my favorite holiday.I try to make others happy.I’m a good friend.I’m a perfectionist.I’m nobody else but, me.

If you want to know more just ask or read my user info ^_^
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