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My name is Reese, I'm 41, single, and live in the great state of North Dakota. 

I"m basically an easy-going, down-to-earth person with a sarcastic sense of humor and a broady laugh. I have redhair and brown-green eyes. I like cooking, shopping, crocheting and cross stitching.

I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications but I'm currently employed in the retail sector. This fall, I plan to take some online classes to complete my business degree.

My many interests include: creative writing, writng fanfic, reading, music, movies, tv, photography, long walks and bike riding. When it comes to reading, I like true crime, british mysteries, and fiction. Some of my favorite authors are: Maeve Binchey, Stephen King, Minette Walters, Elizabeth George,  Patricia Cornwell, and John Irving.

As far as the music I listen to-I like bands from the 70's and 80's. I enjoy just about anything with the exception of Rap and Country/Western.

I'm a big tv and movie fanatic. Currently, my favorite tv shows are: House, CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI:New York, Criminal Minds, Bones, and most british comedies. The movies I watch are mostly mysteries, drama, comedies, and foreign films. My favorite directors are: Steve Spielberg, Roman Polanski, David Fincher, and Martin Scorsese. 

I'm looking for friends between 25-45 who enjoy my intersts and can share new ones with me. 

Anything else you want to know about me, just ask.

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