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::::::::::Who I am::::::::::

I am a young 16-year-old man from the sunny state of California here in the USA.  I'm a shameless bookworm and love women.  I'm an orphan and a happily adopted mama's boy.  I'm agnostic and lean towards the liberal side in politics.  I'm interested in everything from psycholinguistics to math.  I'm also ADHD and have a slight limp.  I look like Harry Potter.

Some people think I'm gay, but I'm just well in touch with my feminine side.  The majority of my friends are women.  I cry at the end of great books, most recently Steinbeck's East of Eden.

I'm also argumentative.  Expect to have opinions questioned.  Feel free to return the favor.

::::::::::What my journal is like:::::::::::

I write about 6-7 long entries per week.  I don't expect you to comment on all of them.

This journal is simply another step on the endless quest of self-discovery.  Some peoples' journals are nothing but a summary of their day or daily emotions, which bores me out of my mind.  I want to look back at what I was like as a teenager and see what my thoughts on life, human nature, and other stuff were at the time.  I choose to let my introspective intellectual side come out in my journal, and I want to find friends who have that same feature in their journals, people whose journal has some depth. 

In my journal, I often ask questions to my friends, and I want friends who will answer my questions and tell me what they think.  I also write book reviews and write about my personal life.

::::::::::What I want in an LJ friend (besides the obvious)::::::::::

Religion is okay as long as you're not a religious fundamentalist of any kind.  All we'd ever do is argue, and I don't want to deal with your smallmindedness.

I want someone who doesn't mind a good debate. 

Feel free to email me at!  :-)
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